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Someone here is a camping lover and loves to explore places to visit in their RVs. Yes, you who are reading our blog. Are you finding difficulties in finding the best stoves for your RVs?Then, you are probably at the right place.

Eating with your family and friends is fun, right that is also if you are cooking while traveling in your RV. For that, you need a stove that fits well in your RV. So, what if we say there are many things you don’t know about finding the best stove to make delicious food in your RV while camping?

Buyers Guide For The Best Stoves For Your RVs

We will now discuss things we need to check before buying any RV stove for camping. Remember, if you skip this section, there will be a lot of problems for you to find the best, and we will not be responsible if the stove you choose doesn’t fit in your RVs. So, read the guide carefully.

  • A perfect size for your RV
  • Make sure to choose a remarkable design
  • Choose the robust build quality for long-term use
  • Do not forget about the safety features
  • Ultimately, always purchase from authorized brands.

Types of Stoves for RVs

There are a total of 4 different types of stoves for RVs. It depends on you which one fits in your RVs. So, choose the stoves accordingly.

1. Electric RVs Stove

Electric Rvs Stoves as you know about these stoves’ power source. Suppose you don’t want to spend your cash on propane stoves, waste time collecting the wood (which is not a very bad thing), or waste money on diesel stoves. Then, an electric stove can be the best choice for you. You need to park your RV in a place get a source of electricity.

Another advantage of having an electric stove is that tons of different colors are available on the market with different designs and structures. You can probably choose the design according to yourself for impressing you,r friends, or family members.

2. Wood RVs Stove

Wood RVs Stoves are excellent as they don’t cost you a cent if you camping somewhere without too much restriction on cutting wood. But there are some places where you have to pay for that, but it is the cheapest among the other three stoves because the wood costs less than the propane or diesel.

The heat produced by the wood is very sustainable and also very affordable. But it is risky also, you need a proper installation for this stove and make sure that the gas pipe isn’t leaking as it can cause big problems like carbon monoxide poisoning and possible fire. Also, these stoves are known as the best tent stoves because they keep you warm inside your tent.

3. Diesel RVs Stoves

According to our research, we found that the cost of one gallon of diesel is more than 5 U.S dollars which is very high and these stoves are only found in inexpensive homes. But keeping this thing aside the diesel stoves are the safest than the other RV stoves because it doesn’t produce open flames.

It gets heated up quickly and will provide you with clear burning leaving no marks on the roof of your RV or if you cook inside your tent. The diesel stoves are very easy to find if you ever have any problem with them. You can easily fix it without having any problems.

4. Propane RVs Stove

Propane RV stoves are nowadays by a lot of people as it doesn’t need any electricity to burn the stove and there will be no smell of the fuel in your RV. You don’t need to bring wood. Just fill up the stove with propane fuel and you are ready to use it.

But propane is a fuel that is not found everywhere. So, if you are using a propane stove make sure you never run out of gas else you will not be able to make anything to eat. Also, we want to tell you that propane is a highly flammable gas and causes a lot of damage if it isn’t treated properly.

Best Stoves For Your RVs

In this section, we have mentioned the Best Stove For Your RV. We have explained every stove very nicely. Make sure you have read the user’s guide very carefully.

Cusimax Stainless Countertop Burner

MaterialStainless Steel
Item Dimensions21.1 x 4.1 x 14.6 inches
Item Weight9.68 Pounds

About this item:

Popular among RV users the Cusimax Stainless Countertop Burner is one of the most lightweight and portable stoves. It’s very easy to operate and you can simply turn it on/off with the knob. The hot plate of this burner is equipped with a thermostat that protects it from overheating.

The cooktop is made up of cast iron which is a durable material and also it heats up the cookware efficiently. The material used in this stove is stainless steel which makes it durable. The anti-skid feet assure us stability when cooking in your RV.

The stove not only can be used in the RVs but is ideal for camping, and offices, and also best for everyday use. When the stove is cool down you can simply just wipe it with a damp cloth and it will be cleaned easily. It is an electric stove that runs on 120V so find a suitable place where electricity is available and you are ready to enjoy the RV trip with your family and friends.


  • Works With All Types of Cookware.
  • Easy to cook.
  • Convenient
  • Durable and safe.
  • Trustable customer service.


  • It has a short power cord.

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Flame King YSNHT600 2 Burner

BrandFlame King
MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Dimensions18.5 x 13 x 4.5 inches
Item Weight14 Pounds

About this item:

Great for the RVs, the Flame King YSNHT600 2 Burner is a perfect lightweight cooktop that will fit in your RV. It is a propane stove so you need to pay little attention to this stove while cooking. However, the machine comes with adjustable flame control which allows users to control the flames according to their usage.

This propane stove comes with two size features including a 7200 BTU oval grate and a 5200 circular grate which will allow powerful cooking while traveling. It is very easy to clean and one must clean it every time after they are done cooking.

The stove comes with a cover that will protect the flame of this stove from the wind. Also when the stove is not in use you can store it inside the cover. This stove can be perfect for your RV.


  • Easy to install.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Better build quality.
  • Good range of control with decent precision


  • The fitment of the control buttons is not well aligned.

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Atwood Stainless Steel Drop-in 2 Burner Stove

MaterialStainless Steel
Item Dimensions18.9 x 15.8 x 7.1 inches
Item Weight10 Pounds

About this item:

The Atwood Stainless Steel Drop-in 2 Burner Stove comes with stylish lightweight drop-ins designed perfectly for RVs. Just like our previous stove also has two size features including a 7200 BTU burner with a large oval grate and a 5200 burner with circular grates.

The wind guard protects the flames from the wind. The stove is made up of stainless steel which makes it durable. This little stove can fit anywhere you want whatever size RV you have it will fit easily. The stove can be a great choice for you. You should definitely check whether it is perfect for your RV or not.


  • Great price.
  • Fit with no major adjustments.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Good value flame control.


  • Have to push the knobs down to make them sit flush.

No products found.

Camplux Pro Built-in 2 Burner

Item Dimensions18.5 x 4.5 x 13 inches
MaterialStainless Steel
Color Black & White
Item Weight13.45 Pounds

About this item:

Comes with a compact and lightweight design, the Camplux Pro Built-in 2 Burner is a great choice for campers and RV travelers. The three-side wind guard protects the flames from three sides. The control knobs allow the user to cook however they want.

The stainless steel provides durability and its surface is very easy to clean. Also, drop-in stoves are in trend you can easily impress your friends with them. Powerful BTU For Easier Cooking-Oval grate burner features 7,200 BTU(diameter 10.04″/255mm), round grate burner features 5,200 BTU(diameter 7.87″/200mm) for powerful cooking.

The company will give you one year warranty. The adjustable knobs will help you in precise cooking. Overall, the stove is good you should definitely check it out.


  • Powerful
  • Easy cooking.
  • Convenient.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The metal cover bends just a little bit so be careful with it.

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Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF

BrandElite Gourmet
Item Dimensions18.5 x 11.5 x 3.65 inches
Item Weight 5.46 Pounds

About this item:

Make cooking fun and easy with our amazing Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF electric burner. The adjustable temperature knob will allow cooking in three settings low, medium, and high. Its flat cooking surface is non-sticky which you can clean with a cloth after it cools down.

The stove has two light indicators which remind the user that the machine is ON. Also to ensure stability during traveling the stove has non-skid feet. It is portable and comes in a compact design which allows us to take it anywhere we want and make it store in a small place. This is the best stove for your RVs because it can easily prepare your breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the go.


  • Trustable.
  • Better quality.
  • Amazing stability.
  • Easy to clean.


  •  It is very slow.

No products found.

RecPro RV Stove 

MaterialNo vented range hood
Voltage120 Volts
Mounting TypeWall Mount

About this item:

The ultimate gas stove and oven combination are here with our RecPro RV Stove. Now you don’t have to buy a stove and oven separately. The machine is made up of stainless steel and has three burners which allow us to cook three meals at one time. You need a separate propane pipe supply for the stove and a 12V electric supply for the oven.

The stove comes with a top cover which gives us space when the machine is of no use. The oven has great capacity inside it. You can easily save your meals in your oven and can heat them whenever you want.

This RV stove is the most expensive on this list. It is new in the market but our team has researched well about this product. So, you might easily give it a try who knows it can be the best stove for your RV.


  • Overpowered combination.
  • Huge oven capacity.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Better build quality.


  • May be more expensive or larger than you want it to be.

No products found.

Cuisinart Cast-Iron Single Burner

MaterialStainless Steel
Item Dimensions11.5 x 11 x 2.5 inches
Item Weight6.85 Pounds

About this item:

The single-burner Cuisinart CB-30P1 is a portable RV stove. Not only perfect for best for RVs but the stove is also ideal for emergency home use or office use. The four little feet are non-skid which provides stability. The 1300 watts provide you with immediate heating. This single burner stove comes with a 6-adjustable temperature control which goes from high to low.

The company provides you one-year limited warranty. The cooking surface is very easy to clean up. You just simply have to clean it up with a damp cloth. The cast-iron plates are durable which makes them tough during a trip. If you are going camping or hiking, this can be a great choice for those people.

This is the smallest stove on our list but also it is very useful. This is a versatile tool that’s a great addition to any kitchen. You should definitely check this one out as this can be the best stove for your RVs.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Heats up fast.
  • Also easy to clean.
  • 6-temperature settings.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • The initial heat-up process produces an odor.

No products found.

Why Choose these?

Are you wondering why to chose only the stoves we recommended in our article? To be honest, we have a team of researchers who work day and night to provide us with this type of product. We choose products on the basis of their design, size, and user’s experience with that product and also we check whether the products care about their users or not.

By this, you will figure out the best stoves for your RVs. Now it’s on you now that that stove perfectly fits in your RV. Also, we remind you to make sure that you have read the user’s guide carefully and after that only you will choose the best for yourself.


Q1. Do they make electric stoves for RVs?

Electric RVS stoves can be a good choice for you. If you stay at a place where you get electricity to cook your meals, it could be very beneficial. Electricity never runs out which means you can use it how much you want. Also, it comes with elegant designs and eye-catching looks which you can choose according to yourself.

Q.2 Can you put a full-size stove in a camper?

Most RVs stove is now natural gas only. As for the new RVs, the voltage is a lot higher which an electric stove cannot handle. But it doesn’t mean electric stoves don’t go well with the RVs. You just need to research properly to find the best electric one. It depends on the size of the RVs then only you will be able to put a full-size stove in your RVs.

Q3. What size are RV stoves?

Although there are no specific sizes of the RV stoves from our research, we found out that the size of the RV’s stove is 17 inches wide whereas the bigger one is 21 inches wide. But you have to choose the stoves according to your RVs.

Q4. Can you put a regular gas stove in an RV?

Of course, you can put your regular stove in your RVs. Make sure to have a proper propane converting kit. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to make a regular gas stove in an RV.

Q5. Are RV propane stoves safe?

These are the best propane stoves for many reasons. But you need to treat the propane stove very carefully as it can be very dangerous to use too. It can demolish a room very easily.

Final Thoughts

Traveling has its own benefits when you’ve all the necessary things with you. And if you’re traveling to any cold area, then having the best stove for the RV is mandatory. 

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