Can You Burn Cedar in a Wood Stove?

Cedar is a softwood, known for its high resin and sap content. Cedar, with its beautiful pleasant aroma, is a popular choice for outdoor projects like fences and decks.

In this article, you’ll read some amazing things about Cedar, along with its importance in our lives.

However, the primary purpose of this article is to enlighten you on the question of whether you can burn Cedar in a Wood Stove or not.

If you have no idea about how Cedar looks, then there’s a visual demonstration of Cedarwood pieces below.

Can You Burn Cedar in a Wood Stove
Can You Burn Cedar in a Wood Stove?

Benefits of Cedarwood

Acne Treatment

Cedarwood oil is widely known for its ability to cure skin acne. The natural antimicrobial quantities of Cedarwood can be beneficial for your skin if you add it to your skincare routine.

Scalp Revival

Not only does it treat acne, but also, it helps revive your hair. The antioxidants present in the Cedarwood oil remove the dead cells from your scalp. These dead cells are responsible for the itchiness and hair fall.

Pain Relief

Arthritis, also known as joint pain, is a common problem among many old-age individuals. However, this can be easily treated using Cedarwood oil. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of Cedarwood can effectively take down any pain and swelling.

Better Sleep

Believe it or not, Cedarwood also helps in a better and more comfortable sleep. It’s because Cedarwood is said to trigger humans’ happy hormones, which further convert to melatonin, a brain’s response to darkness around you.

Moreover, some studies have found Cedarwood oil is a type of sedative. After inhaling, it results in better sleep.

Features of Cedar

Cedar has some amazing features which we will talk about below:-

  • Looks Beautiful
  • Easy to Work
  • Amusing Aroma
  • Inset Resistance
  • Quick Burn Sparking

Pros & Cons of Cedar


  • Great for starting fires due to its fast ignition
  • Burns hot and provides quick heat


  • Quick burning process that continuously requires reloading.
  • Excessive sparking flames could be dangerous in dry areas.

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Can You Burn Cedar in a Wood Stove?

Cedar is said to be a poor firewood choice to burn inside. And this is because of its ability to catch fire at a low temperature. This often results in an immediate spark that can be perilous.

Despite all that, you can still burn Cedar in a wood stove. However, make sure you’re burning it outside in an empty area.

Furthermore, clean the areas around the campfire to avoid the expansion of fire in the surroundings.

Can You Burn Cedar in a Wood Stove?
Can You Burn Cedar in a Wood Stove?

Step-by-Step Guide to Burn Cedar on a Wood Stove

Below is a step-by-step guide on burning cedar in a wood stove. Make sure that you follow it carefully.

Step 1: Prepare Your Cedar Kindling
Step 2: Get the Fire Started
Step 3: Light Up!
Step 4: Introduce the Hardwoods
Step 5: Maintaining the Warmth

Safety Measures Before Burning Cedar

  1. Always use dry cedar wood.
  2. Clear your surroundings before igniting the fire.
  3. Watch for a spark caused by cedar.
  4. Regular Cleaning.

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