What f31 Means on a Stove?

It seems like your stove is facing some temperature issues. If you are here, that would be only because your stove indicates a f31 error code. But, first of all, we will talk about What f31 Means on a Stove.

The F31 error code you’re seeing is a message from your oven that there’s an issue with the oven temperature sensor. This sensor is a vital part of your oven’s internal world, acting like a tiny spy that constantly monitors the temperature and sends this information to the control board.

In this article, we will talk about the problem and solution of the f31. So make sure you read the article carefully so you don’t miss any single information.


  • Pinched Wires: Imagine tiny wires like roads for electrical signals. If they get squeezed (pinched), the insulation can tear, causing confusing signals and the F31 code.
  • Broken Sensor Probe: The sensor probe itself, like a tiny thermometer, might be on the fritz and not sending accurate temperature readings.

Tips To Solve the f31 Error:

  • Treat Your Manual Like a Recipe Book: Your stove’s manual is like a trusty cookbook for troubleshooting. It should have a whole section on deciphering error codes, including F31. It might even offer some steps to reset the code or diagnose the problem further.
  • Become a Kitchen Detective: With the oven cool, grab a flashlight and see if you can spot any visible damage to the temperature sensor probe or its wiring. Look for any signs of pinching or fraying on the wires.
  • A Simple Reboot:┬áSometimes, all it takes is a refresh! Consult your manual for specific instructions on resetting your oven model. This might clear the code and get your oven humming happily again.
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