Best Backpacking Stoves 2024

A hungry stomach needs to be filled with tasty meals if you are camping.

There must be chances that you must be camping at high altitudes or places where there is too much cold and all you need is a cup of coffee or a cup of tea to keep yourself.

Campers just love ultralight stoves because they are also good backpacks. It is lightweight and quickly does the work in a few minutes.

There are too many companies selling this ultralight stove and it’s not easy to find the suitable one for you.

That’s why in this article, we have mentioned the Best Backpacking Stoves out of the 50 top brands.

We choose the top 5 best companies that are best in making this stove.

I hope you will enjoy reading this article!

Best Backpacking Stove

In this section, we will talk about the best Backpacking stove of 2024. Make sure to read the product description nicely and after that only make your purchase through our link. As this will help us earn some commission.

MSR PocketRocket 2

Small pink colour rocket stove
Item Dimensions5 x 4 x 7.25 inches
Fuel TypeLiquefied Petroleum Gas
Item Weight0.16 Pounds

About this Item:

One of the best Backpacking stoves is our MSR PocketRocket 2 camping stove.

This one is the most popular stove among campers, hikers, and trekkers, and it is the best backpacking stove.

This stove can boil water in just 4 minutes which is likely a great thing for a camping stove.

This stove works with isobutane-propane fuel which is a highly efficient burning fuel. Although, the canister doesn’t come along with the stove which you have to buy separately.

Also, one of the best things about this stove is that the stove is very easy to set up. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner camper, you can easily set up this stove.

The company provides a protective case that you can use to carry the stove in hand or you can simply put it in your backpack.

If someone is looking for a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-clean camping stove.

We must recommend you try this Backpacking stove definitely.


  • Super light.
  • Fast boil time.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Include a protective case.


  • No piezo lighter and most other stoves now have them.

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AOTU Portable Camping Stove 

best ultralight stove
Item Dimensions3.11 x 2.17 x 1.61 inches
Fuel TypeLiquefied Petroleum Gas
Item Weight0.22 Pounds

About this Item:

AOTU Portable Camping Stove is one of the cheapest and the best lightweight camping stove on this list.

Suitable for any type of condition, this stove has amazing flame control for maximum heat output.

The stove is very small and not only it can fit in your backpack but it can easily fit in your pocket. Isn’t that great?

A stove that fits in your pocket is a very unique thing. It also comes with a protective cover in which you can easily put this tiny stove.

The stove is lightweight and can be used by newbies too.

For solo campers, this is a great thing because it is a very cheap product, value for your money. The camping stove has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

We will surely advise you to check it out for once.


  • Tiny and lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Gets clean in seconds.
  • Boil 750ml of water in about 6 minutes.


  • Not compatible with some portable propane fuel.

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Jetboil MiniMo Camping and Backpacking Stove

Best ultralight stove
Item Dimensions5 x 4 x 7.25 inches
Fuel TypeJetPower Isobutane/Propane
Item Weight0.91 Pounds

About this Item:

Jetboil MiniMo Camping Stove is one of the most popular among campers.

Jetboil MiniMo Camping is best for camping trips or mountaineering adventures.

The new technology allows you to use down to 20F including a 1-liter aluminum FluxRing cooking cup.

The stove allows you to boil 12 liters of water with a single canister.

More likely, it is compatible with all accessories which are sold separately.

It performs perfectly at lower temperatures and has added insulation.

The stability of this stove is much like to be better than other stoves.

It won’t fall easily and keep food warm for a short period of time.

The stove is a convenient and beautiful design that surely every camper will love.


  • The cup has a built-in strainer.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Push-button piezo ignition.


  • Overall, the machine is small, but those more into outdoor things can find it a little bulky.

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Snow Peak LiteMax Titanium Stove 

Best ultralight stove
BrandSnow Peak
Item Dimensions5 x 4 x 7.25 inches
Fuel TypeLiquefied Petroleum Gas
Item Weight0.12 Pounds

About this Item:

With the capability to get a pack with a folding-arm design.

This camping stove will give a run-time of 50 minutes.

The item weighs around 0.12 pounds making it lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. The built-in windscreen provides flame protection to the stove arms.

If you want to boil water, it can do that in 5 minutes.

The high build quality makes it tough in harsh situations.

The pot stand is very accommodating to different-sized pots. You can easily control the flame from high to low according to your use.

Our researchers found that this camping stove can hold up to 1400 ml of a pot which is crazy for a small one like this.

One of the main things to keep in mind is that the size of this gas stove is very small which means the legs will be small too.

Always remember to put the pot or the pan in the center and put the canister on a surface that is flat else you will end up spilling whatever you making.

Overall, if you looking for a lightweight, compact, or high-quality build gas stove. This must be a great choice for those people.


  • Lightweight and very compact.
  • Easy to use.
  • Best for campers.
  • Built-in wind protection.


  • Not very stable.

No products found.

SOTO WindMaster Stove

Item Dimensions5.31 x 3.98 x 2.09 inches
Fuel TypeLiquefied Petroleum Gas
Item Weight0.14 Pounds

About this Item:

SOTO WindMaster Stove has one of the best performances among most of the new ultralight camping stoves.

It is shock-resistant which means if some heavy utensil is being put on this ultralight stove, it won’t lose its stability which is an amazing thing about this stove.

This stove can burn 2 cups of water in less than 2 minutes which is much likely less than the other stoves on this list.

The design itself is one of the special things about this stove is that the pot is placed close to the flame plus the concave design of the burner head creates the effect of a built-in windscreen increasing the efficiency of fuel consumption.

We recommend this stove because this stove is powerful, has a quicker and longer boil time, and has an amazing in-built screen that protects the flames from getting in contact with strong wind.


  • Boils water quickly.
  • Easy to use.
  • In-built windscreen.
  • Reliable.
  • Burns efficiently.


  • It is quite expensive.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Stove-

Choosing a good quality product can be beneficial for you. This ultralight backpacking stove and anything you buy should be purchased under some conditions.

But for now, we are talking about the Backpacking stove which means we will discuss the user guide for buying a Backpacking stove. Read carefully…


Weight should be considered the most important when it comes to backpacking stoves.

Nobody wants to travel with a heavy fuel tank and stoves in their backpack.

The above-mentioned Backpacking stoves are less than 1 Pound and some even weigh less than 0.20 Pounds.

Less weight means less size of the object and with the benefit that you don’t have to carry it in your hands which many campers will love.

Either you will be given a bag or you can just simply put it inside your bag.


Mostly, these stoves are almost well-sized and they are the perfect choice for you.

They are small in size which means the perfect fit for your backpacking.

It will be lightweight and easy to keep in your bag or in a car or any vehicle.

But just looking at their size doesn’t mean that the stove will not be powerful.

They have a simmer control to adjust the temperature accordingly.

Easy to use

Some stoves are very hard to maintain and take hours to set up.

The users find it really annoying and it often wastes their time. You need to prepare the meal before night but you will be busy setting it up.

Ultralight stoves take less than 5-10 minutes to set up.

Check out the description of every product.

You will find there whether the stove is easy to use or not.

Build Quality

Finding a good build quality product is very important.

We don’t know which situation we will suffer during camping and hiking so we should always look for a stove that is tough in hard situations and works for the long term because if the product is long term. I

t can save you a lot of money in repairing and buying a new stove again.

Simmer Control

Checking whether the stove has an adjustable simmer control or not.

It is very important because you can’t just cook all the meals on the same flame.

Some meals needless flame during cooking and some need more flame depending on what are you cooking.

Having a simmer control makes cooking easy on camping.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency depends on the climate you are camping in.

There are some places where the stove will consume more fuel than usual.

The colder the place will be the more slowly the boil time will be.

So, if you end up buying a stove that boils slowly then it will slow down more and take a lot of time.

Look for an ultralight stove that boils fast so that when in a cold place it won’t impact your cooking much.

What are Backpacking Stoves?

Ultralight Stoves which are also known as ‘portable stoves’ are mainly used in camping, and hiking and are best for backpacking.

These stoves are small, lightweight, compact, and easy to use. It also has a very elegant design which will impress your friends and families.

These stoves can be used in various situations indoors but they are specially made for the outdoors.

It easily gets assembled and when not in use you can disassemble it and keep it in your backpack.

Types of Backpacking Stoves-

There are 3 types of Backpacking stoves which we will discuss in detail below:

canister stove

1. Canister Stoves

These canister stoves are very easy to use and even a newbie who doesn’t know anything about these stoves can easily operate them.

These stoves are very easy to maintain. Some stoves are so small that they easily get folded and wait for only a few ounces.

That’s why the first choice of every camper is a canister stove.

Alternative-fuel stoves

2. Alternative-fuel stoves

Alternative fuel stoves include three main types of wood, denatured alcohol, and solid fuel tablets.

The main advantage of this stove is if you buy a wood stove you don’t have to worry about fuel.

As we all know this fuel is found everywhere.

But this is bad when it comes to adverse weather and also it boils water very slowly.

3. Liquid Fuel Stoves

Liquid fuel stoves are stoves that have a fuel bottle with the stove.

These stoves are best because they impact less on the environment which is a great thing indeed.

If you love to camp in cold weather or rainy weather. Then, the liquid fuel stoves will be the best ultralight stove for you.

Fuel Comparison-

Fuel typeFlashpointAdvantagesDisadvantages
Propane104 °C/155 °F 1. Easily Available.
2. Burns better in cold weather.
3. The containers are refillable.
1. These are expensive.
2. Needs canister disposal.
Butane60 °C/76 °F1. It is less toxic.
2. Its canister is lighter.
3. Instantly high heat output.
1. It has poor performance in cold weather.
2. Fuel is not easily available.
Kerosene46.0 °C/114.8 °F1. It is cheap.
2. This fuel burns very efficiently.
3. Easy to light up.
1. It is an exhaustible resource.
2. It produces high levels of pollutants.
Alcohol16 °C/61 °F1. Alcohol has low sulfur content in fuel.
2. Easily available.
3. It has clean burning.
1. It has a longer cooking time.
2. Fuel may contain toxic additives that are injurious.
Wood1. It doesn’t cost a single penny.
2. Available all over the world.
3. It is environmentally friendly.
1. Deforestation is very harmful to the environment.
2. May produce sooty smoke.

Why Choose these?

If you think that is why we recommend you use these Backpacking stoves.

There is a reason behind it which is the hard work our researchers have done. The time they have to spend researching all the stoves which are mentioned here.

To be honest, our researchers have spent 5 days researching this Backpacking stove.

Secondly, the information we have provided about these best Backpacking stoves is all true. We do not provide any type of fake information to our precious readers.

Being the author of this article, I believe that customers are like gods and we shouldn’t lie to our gods.

And last, if you gave us your trust and bought any of the products.

We ensure that you don’t face any type of problem with the stove we mentioned in this article.

Stove Usage Tips

  • Never cook deep inside your tent because the gas released by the fire is carbon monoxide which is a very poisonous gas and can be dangerous for you.
  • Check all the fuel lines that they are connected and aren’t leaking from anywhere.
  • Make sure to put your stove on a plain surface or where there the stove doesn’t fall by any type of little movement.
  • If your stove comes with a piezo-igniter, it’s still a good idea to always carry stormproof matches in case the piezo-igniter fails.


Q1. What is the Best Backpacking Stove?

Best Backpacking Stove-
1. Soto WindMaster.
2. MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe.
3. Jetboil MiniMo.
4. Jetboil Flash Cook System.
5. Soto Amicus.
6. AOTU Canister Stove.
7. MSR Pocket Rocket 2.

Q2. Is Backpacking Stove Safe?

Yes, they are safe but you need to have proper ventilation for them. If you have adequate ventilation, then there won’t be any problem. But if there isn’t any proper ventilation, the stove will produce carbon monoxide and if you are cooking inside your tent you will end up suffocating yourself and die.

Q3. Are camping stoves worth it?

For campers, camping stoves are the best choice to carry while camping. The stoves are easy to carry and can be operated very easily. It has self-ignition which requires nothing to light up the weather. Even if it is raining heavenly, you don’t have to worry about matches or lighters.

Q4. Which is better for a camping stove propane or butane?

The simple answer is propane because propane is an all-season stove and works well in winter and summer but butane doesn’t work well in winter and works only in summer areas.

Q5. What kind of camp stove should I buy?

For camping, the best stoves are those that can hold large utensils like pans, kettles, and pots. You should also check about the simmering because there is some food that needs to be cooked at different temperatures.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the article we wrote about the best Backpacking stove has helped you a lot. If you still have any doubt left in your brain.

You just simply contact us through our email. It is simple you just have to send us the inquiry and our team will reach out in the next 1-2 business hours.

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